There is a new Conquest Reforged Minecraft Forge mod server! You can access it by entering the following for the server details:


Server Rules

Server Rules are as follows:
1. Griefing will not be tolerated. This is a PvP server, but harassing players or griefing a player will lead to a temporary ban. Repeat offenses will lead to permanent ban.
2. Building at the main spawn is prohibited. Doing so intentionally or to cause disruption will result in a ban. There is ZERO Tolerance with this rule. (I am planning on editing the spawn point so only OP’s can build there, but for now, no building there!)
3. Killing at towns is prohibited. These are considered safe zones and shall be treated as such.
4. Offline attacking is prohibited. Players need to be able to defend. (This falls under Griefing)
5. Please keep space between bases at a distance. Do not build on top of other players. We want resources to be sufficient for everyone.
6. Alliances with players is allowed and encouraged. Please keep alliances fair.
7. Lastly, please enjoy the game and have fun and be respectful of each other.

Resource Mod Packs

It is mandatory that you download Forge and setup the Conquest Reforged resource pack.
Download – Conquest_ – Resource Packs – Minecraft – CurseForge
This allows for several new blocks to make building more epic.


Make sure you head over to the Discord server to join up there!