7DaysDedicated is run solely by one person. I manage the servers, the power to run the servers, the drive cluster, and the high-speed internet for everything to be accessible. I pay this all out of my own pocket and make sure that I can provide a fun gaming experience for those who wish to access and play on 7DaysDedicated servers. That being said, if you would like to donate to help with any of those costs, I greatly appreciate it. I am in no way asking for anyone to pay all my bills or donate enough for this to be my full-time job. But, any contribution helps and ensures that I can replace drives when they go bad, or afford the bump in my electric bill if there is extra usage that month. So, If you’d like to help out and offer even a dollar or two, please use the donation button below.

Some things to note:
There are planned incentives coming for Servers that can be purchased with Donations.
There is a plan to do a ranking tier for Donations.
And as a sub note to rankings, there is a plan to do top donators perks in Discord to recognize them.

(Disclaimer – This will all take time, and as I work full-time along with doing this, I cannot give an ETA. Also, the more involved people get in the servers, the more effort I will give. But as a hobbyist doing this, this does not take priority over family and work.)