7DaysDedicated ARK Servers

Currently we are hosting the following maps for ARK:
The Island
Scorched Earth
The Center

We also have the Volcano Map mod ModID# 715028562

Additionally, we have the following mods loaded:

839162288 – Primal Fear
679529026 – ARK Steampunk Mod
1260983937 – TCs Auto Rewards
761535755 – Ultra Stacks
731604991 – Structures Plus (S+)
1204667931 – Tranqs++
821530042 – Upgrade Station v1.8i
1404697612 – Awesome Spyglass
693416678 – Reusable Plus

Server Rules are as follows:

  1. Anyone caught blocking resources or cave access will be punished.
    a. First offense, block laid will be destroyed.
    b. Second offense, player will face temporary ban.
    c. Third offense, player will be permanently banned.
  2. Do not grief. Repeated killing or attacking a players base for no reason will be subject to similar punishment as blocking resources and caves.
  3. Do not allow Dino’s to free roam. If your dino’s are wandering outside of your base, they will be destroyed.
  4. Do not build on top of another player. Be mindful of others. This could fall under griefing, and could face punishment.
  5. Tribe Name Changes are set to 30-days. There is not exception to this. Do not ask for it to be changed.
  6. The sixth and final rule at this time is this. Have fun and enjoy the game. If you are being harassed, please reach out for assistance and it will be reviewed. We want everyone to have a good time. Enjoy a beer (if you’re old enough) or a soda and play the game for the fun of the game.

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